We're Disrupting Treatment Marketing


As the owner of a rehab center, you likely have at least some of the following concerns…

  • You want to make sure your center is full of qualified clients…and you have to walk a fine line with the ethics; otherwise you worry you’ll jeopardize your reputation. (Also, you want to be ethical;)
  • You’ve got a marketing budget, but you want to make sure it’s not going to waste.
  • You see new centers popping up all the time, and you want to make sure you stay competitive.

That’s why you’ve invested in getting on the web.

A modern website, that’s probably “SEO Optimized”…

PPC advertising on platforms like Google Adwords..

Maybe some fancy analytics, like call-attribution, so you can keep track of how much a call is costing you.

Great, right?

Well, not-quite.

For starters, if you’re like most providers I talk to, you could probably still use more clients, and more consistent clients, instead of a “feast-and-famine” cycle.

What’s more, it’s hard to understand exactly what’s working to get clients on the web and what’s not…

Finally, almost every center owner I’ve spoken has been burned by an unscrupulous internet marketer. Somebody giving my industry a bad name. Somebody who took their money, made promises-they-couldn’t-keep, and were short on explanations when things didn’t “pan out” as promised.

But you can’t just put your head-in-the sand. At least if you want to get more clients, more consistent clients, and more “qualified” clients.

What’s the solution? Educate yourself. Just enough to understand the difference between good marketing and bad marketing. That’s what I want to help you do today.

So Who Are We?

Founder Nate Smith, speaking at a conference alongside Appsumo founder Noah Kagan, Convertkit founder Nathan Barry, and Eventual Millionaire host Jaime Masters

Founder Nate Smith, speaking at a conference alongside Appsumo founder Noah Kagan, Convertkit founder Nathan Barry, and Eventual Millionaire host Jaime Masters

We know treatment marketing

  • Our Adwords team is a certified Google Adwords SMB Partner
  • We're currently managing the web marketing of over 10 of the world's best treatment centers
  • Our largest client is spending over $60,000 per month on web marketing

But we came from direct-response internet marketing...

...where margins are razor-thin, and where every potential client’s seen everything before, and thinks nothing works.

We've has worked with some of the best marketers on the internet, to launch and grow successful online products.

Our founder has been featured on the websites of many of the companies whose software makes internet marketing run. Places like…(links to the actual articles)

And direct-response internet marketing is different from addiction-treatment marketing in a few key ways…

Potential customers are jaded, because they’ve seen every marketing trick in the book. They’re price sensitive, and they think they can do everything themselves. And they’ll run for the hills if they detect a “hint” that someone is insulting their intelligence with some recycled crap from a marketing book.

By comparison, addiction clients generally already suspect they need your help, they’re already actively searching for a solution, and they’re open to believing your solutions work.

But when we started working with clients in the treatment niche, we noticed a disconnect:

The rehab centers were offering world-class service…

…but their web marketing was at least ten-years-behind the best-in-class web marketers.

And it’s no-wonder: they were busy serving their clients.

“But wait: didn’t you say there are already agencies serving the addiction treatment providers?”

There are, and many of them are very good. They’ve done a good job of getting you from “zero to one”, with things like websites, SEO, basic pay-per-click web marketing, and even social media marketing.

At Admit Scout, we want to bring you up to “2018”

We want to help the addiction treatment industry get up to 2x the results from their web marketing. And it’s easier than it sounds. As I’ll describe below:

  • You don’t need to fire your existing marketing department
  • You don’t need a new website
  • You don’t need to spend any more on ads: at least not until you get waaaay more from what you’re already spending

Ready to learn more?

Click here to read a specific case study about how we helped one nationally-known center get over ten insurance-qualified leads (VOBs) in just weeks.