Case Study – From “Under Capacity” to Waiting List in 2 Years

A nationally recognized treatment center had a problem…

They had a big capacity for inpatient treatment. The problem was, most months they were far from capacity.

Most of their addiction clients came from referral, and though they had a national reputation, the center still noticed some times referrals would come in droves, exceeding their capacity, while other times it would be tumbleweeds.

They hired our Adwords team in 2014 after recognizing the market opportunity for high quality traffic from “Pay per click” (PPC) internet advertising.

An inpatient admit was worth between 35k and 65k to them, and the cost-per-admit our team had been able to achieve in the industry was far south of that.

They started off with an ad budget of $4000 (plus our optimization/management investment).

In the first month, we got them 32 conversions, so they increased the ad spend slowly and deliberately, so we could make sure that every time they increased the ad-spend, their conversion rate (number of clicks who picked up the phone or filled out a contact form on the website) stayed the same or improved.

By February of 2016, they were spending around $13000, getting 200 calls, and by April they spent 31k, getting 210 conversions.

In the most recent month before the writing of this case study, our center spent 62k, and got 500 conversions.

They’ve invested a total of 875k on web ads and our management investment since September of 2015.

In their best months, we saw cost-per-lead at $140, $178, $155, with an average cost-per click of $50.

Want to learn more about how we ensure web ads will be profitable for our clients, starting with “how the heck do you figure out a cost-per-admit?”