Helping people conquer their addiction isn't a problem - the challenge is standing out enough to earn their trust


We'd just as soon see the addiction epidemic disappear...

But as long as there are those who need your help, you need a way to get in front them, and that's getting more difficult. 

Treatment centers in the US get the vast majority of their clients from referral. As they should...

The first consideration for whether to admit someone should always be clinical appropriateness.

But many treatment centers have unfilled beds. And it's not like there aren't people they could be helping.

Thousands of people search the web daily for help, either for themselves or their loved ones.

But getting in front of them is easier-said-than-done.

Even before Google's crackdown on addiction-treatment-related keywords in September of 2017, standing-out-from-the-crowd was difficult...

  • Centers with six-figure monthly budgets could bid-up the price of ads, making it tough for newcomers.
  • And a whole spectrum of ethically dubious players got the platform shut down...

...and made the job of the ethical treatment centers more difficult. 

We're here to help

We've got years of experience generating relationships ethically for our clients, and we operate by a simple principle:

If it's ethical, it's defensible.

Even if you had zero scruples, which, if you're reading this, obviously isn't the case...

...the most ethical advertising channels are also the safest, and longest-lived.

Here's what we don't do at Admit Scout:

  • We don't generate leads by posing as an unaffiliated "review" site, then sell them. That sets up a "perverse incentive", where we'd be most likely to send leads to those paying us, rather than where they were most clinically appropriate. It's also what got rehab keywords banned from Adwords.
  • We also don't "broker" admits.

We believe the best channels for ethical treatment centers to reach potential addiction clients are branded internet advertising, and SEO.

We specialize in the former. Here's why:

  • It's fast: you can start getting exclusive leads (that's people who know you and want to talk to you), in just a few weeks, and admits shortly after that.
  • It's easy-to-scale: once you have a statistically significant cost-per-admit, you can reach more people who need your help by increasing your budget.
  • It's easy-to-track: unlike SEO, the efficacy of which you might never know 100%, with branded internet campaigns, you can see exactly how much you're spending to generate calls.

How we're unique

After Adwords went away, you didn't hear much about branded internet ads anymore.

That's because nobody else was doing them.

At Admit Scout, we developed a system to use social media to generate calls and admits directly.

In fact, here's a screen shot of some of the real results we've generated from our Facebook campaigns:

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 7.59.10 AM.png

These are people who have "raised their hands" and declared themselves interested in treatment, and supplied insurance and contact information. If we were doing this for your center, some would also be calling you.

When we started offering the system to our treatment clients, we realized that everyone in the treatment niche sees social media only as "branding", but it had never occurred to anybody that they could actually generate admits from it.

As we spoke to hundreds of treatment center owners about their experience with marketing agencies, it became increasingly-clear: nobody else is offering this.

That's' one reason it's not a great candidate for "DIY"...

Adwords was simple: just add money, and generate clicks and calls.

(Sure, there was finesse - we used superior expertise to help our clients rank effectively with smaller budgets.)

Social media is harder.

You're catching potential clients earlier in their addiction, instead of actively searching for a solution.

Many aren't quite ready to admit they have a problem.

That's why you have to be "smarter":

  • Content and branded ads start the relationship
  • Gentle consultation offers allow those ready to consider admission to "raise their hands"
  • Email follow-up allows you to continue to build relationships with those who need more time

A word about the centers with whom we work

We believe in building a relationship ethically with your prospective clients.

To that end, we won't work with centers who...

  • Don't have a track-record of successful outcomes
  • Don't have careful standards about whom they admit
  • Use spammy advertising

That said, we understand you have a business to run, and you want your marketing to work.

If you're ready to learn more, see if you're a good fit, and see what we'd do for your center, just click below.


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