Episode One - The Two Biggest Mistakes in Treatment Marketing

First-things-first: links from the episode...

My thoughts on "comprehensive marketing strategies"

My thoughts on the "contradiction" facing treatment centers - cynical that anything works, yet wasting untold thousands on stuff that doesn't work

In defense of specialists over "comprehensive strategies"

The "Vending Machine Problem" - why "little bit of everything" marketing mixes are a waste of money


"Marketing" is now a four-letter-word in the addiction treatment field:

On one side, you've got the disreputable practices that got the attention of Google, The New York Times, Facebook, and now Congress.

On the other, you've got an industry of marketers not delivering real results.

But it's not like there aren't people out there who need help, or reputable centers ready to give it.

We want to close the gap - to help reputable centers learn to market better, so they can help more people, ethically.

And we'll get there.

But first, we want to dispense with two pet peeves of mine: they're two gigantic misconceptions that are incentivizing all the shady practices, and keeping centers from getting more admits.