Episode 3 - Why Most Treatment Campaigns on Social Media Don't Work, but Some Do

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In treatment circles, Facebook marketing is thought not to work.

It's no wonder.

Ever since Zuckerberg testified in front of congress last April, Facebook has been rolling out a series of "reforms" designed to make the platform more transparent.

The LegitScript requirement is the one getting the most press, but another minor reform was the fact that anyone who navigates to a business' Facebook page can now see all the ads that business is running.

Upshot? We've seen close to 100% of the ads any treatment center or agency in the US is running.

And it's no wonder they don't work. The campaigns most centers are using didn't work for us either, when we tried them.

Sure, they produced Medicare and Medicaid calls. But they produced zero qualified leads.

Then we made some tweaks to our campaigns, and they started producing quality, not just quantity. The thing is, nobody else has changed anything.

To learn more about what everybody else is doing, why it doesn't work, and what to do instead, just listen.