Episode 4 - Why do Treatment Marketers Keep Spending Money on Social Ads That Aren't Generating Results?

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If you're subscribed to this podcast, it's a fair bet you're a business owner.

So, question for you: if you knew for sure something was a complete waste-of-money, would you continue to spend on it?

It defies logic, but that's exactly what 99% of treatment marketers who advertise on social media are doing.

This week's guest is Jan Roos, whose official title around the halls of Admit Scout is VP of Marketing.

In reality, he's a direct-response "black belt", and the co-architect of the system of social ads we now offer to treatment centers.

Things we’ll cover in this episode:

  • The difference between direct response and brand marketing, and why quite a few small businesses are using the wrong strategy

  • The reason the two primary social strategies treatment marketers are using don't work to generate admits

  • A breakdown of some real treatment ads we've seen on Facebook, complete with an explanation for why they probably don't work

  • The only metric that matters when you're marketing your treatment center