Episode 5 - How to Not Go Out of Business

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Continued-money-wastage on social media campaigns that don't work is a dead-horse by now, as far as this podcast is concerned.

But how about call center operators taking calls from the grocery store?

Or "treatment center" owners booking on-site meetings with marketers in locations that end up being fake.

Or the possibility that the high-margins upon which many centers have predicated their businesses are set to go away.

Such anecdotes are just another day-in-the-life of fellow treatment marketer Nick Jaworski.

Nick owns Circle Social Inc, who does multi-channel marketing for ethical treatment centers. I've been wanting to pick his brain about marketing and the state of the industry ever since I read his very smart blog article last year about what most marketers are doing wrong on Facebook.

Facebook is only scratching the surface for Nick, though.

In this wide-ranging conversation, we cover:

  • How to (really) run a call center

  • How Nick decides if he wants to work with a center (he turns many down)

  • The big changes looming over the whole industry, and how to adapt

  • His top "pet peeves" that are reliably putting centers out-of-business

If you're an ethical center own who wants to be in business in 2028, this is a must-listen.