Episode 6 - Quality Over Quantity

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9/17/17 hit most treatment providers hard.

9/17 was the day last year that Google Adwords (now Google Ads) went away.

But one treatment network not only survived, but thrived in the absence of Google.

That network was Foundations Recovery Network, and today, one of the architects of its marketing success, Sandra Nikolic, is here to talk all about it.

In this wide-ranging interview we cover:

  • How Foundations was able to use the Adwords ban as a catalyst to cement a change in their approach

  • Why the unorthodox way they were approaching marketing already set Foundations up to be able to adapt quickly

  • How to earn enduring trust online; not just spam people

  • The fine line between using emotional appeals to motivate positive behavior and outright manipulation, and how to be effective in your marketing messages, but also ethical

...and much more.