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If you're reading this we're excited to be working with you.

This page will let you know what to expect from the first few weeks of our engagement, and help us at Admit Scout get the information we need to "hit the ground running".

Here's what to expect

Within one business day of payment

We'll request all the materials we need from you on this page. That includes...

  • Instructions for registering for the software accounts you'll need
  • Questionnaires we'll use to create the campaigns and landing pages

Within 7 days of submission of all the materials

We'll have campaigns ready-to-go, with landing pages and call tracking hooked up.

  • We'll set up an Adwords account in your name, that you'll always have complete access to.
  • We'll set up an Unbounce account in your name, that you'll always have complete access to.
  • We'll set up a Call Rail account in your name and integrate everything with the Adwords account and landing pages.
  • If you have existing accounts, we'll pause them.

We'll do a kickoff call during which we'll present the campaigns and a sample landing page, and test the form submissions.

We'll send the payment link for you to input your credit card for Adwords, and we'll launch the campaigns.

Here's What We Need From You

We can't begin building campaigns until we have the necessary info, and we can't begin building landing pages until we have the necessary accounts.

We appreciate your patience. This way of doing things has a big advantage:

You retain ownership of all accounts. That means if we should ever stop working together you'll have complete continuity (but not killer management;).

Access to Your Analytics Account

Below are instructions for giving us access to your Analytics account.


Unbounce Account

We use Unbounce for all our landing pages. Below are instructions on signing up for an Unbounce account and giving us access to we can manage your landing pages on your behalf.

FTP Access, or Assistance in updating your CNAME records

In order to host the landing pages under your domain, we'll need you to access your hosting dashboard. If you're willing to give us access, that's the most efficient. For centers who aren't willing or able to do that, we can supply instructions.

New Client Survey

This will provide the bulk of the information we need to set up your campaigns and landing pages.

Click here to access the survey.