Reach More People Who Need Your Help, Ethically

What if you had a consistent, ethical source of inquiries, from qualified people seeking your help?

After working with Nate and The Admit Scout team on a Facebook funnel for my agency, I’m stoked to see them honing in on rehab, an industry they know well. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.
— Dan Englander, Founder, Sales Schema
Nate Smith  Founder, Admit Scout

Nate Smith

Founder, Admit Scout

If You're Reading This, You're Not "Desperate" For Treatment Clients

Sure, the Adwords ban was rough...

But you held on...

Strengthened your referral relationships.

Invested in SEO, and maybe "analog media" like radio, TV, and print.

You're not going to risk your reputation for another "flavor-of-the-week" marketing fad.

And you've sure heard from  a lot of marketers...

Maybe you've even worked with one-or-two.

"They all promise amazing results," one treatment professional told me...

"but the results never materialize."

I wish I had an hour to talk about everything most marketers get wrong...

I talk to a lot of treatment professionals.

And I've heard about just about every disappointing marketing engagement under-the-sun.

But it mostly boils down to two things:

First, marketers don't set realistic expectations.

Here's the truth: the best marketing campaigns take time to work.

But because marketers are promising instant results, their clients don't have a realistic timeline.

That's unfortunate, because the number one reason most online marketing efforts fail is not enough time.* 

But it's hard to blame them. That's because of the second reason.

The second thing most marketers get wrong is they go for quantity instead of quality.

It's no surprise: many admissions directors are focussed on call volume, so that's what marketers produce. Hundreds-and-hundreds of calls...

...that don't turn into anything.

It's so frustrating, many treatment-center-owners are tempted to throw up their hands

"We're getting enough treatment clients through referral," one told me.

"Sure, things are tight, but we can hang on. It's not worth the risk to try something else."

But that's unfortunate, because most treatment centers are not running at full-census.

And it's not like there aren't more people out there who need their help.

trust us.jpg

What would a marketing channel need to do for you in order to be a "no brainer"?

Well, you'd want to avoid any risk of damage to your brand, especially in this climate of increased scrutiny after John Oliver and Reply All.

You'd want a partner with skin in the game, not somebody taking your money and forcing you into a long-term commitment before you were sure they could deliver.

And, not-to-put-too-fine-a-point-on-it, you'd want some proof the solution worked...

We at Admit Scout wanted to offer that alternative...

  • An way to connect our clients with qualified people and educate them about what our clients do best: help them escape the bonds of their addictions.
  • An ethical channel, that steered clear of both the perceived and real ethical pitfalls of channels like Adwords and lead-aggregators; one that wouldn't be vulnerable to sketchy operators or bad press.
  • A channel our clients had control over, so they could reliably invest more to generate more results, instead of "waiting for it to rain", as many do with referrals.

For the past year, we've been offering that system to our clients, and it's been generating results like these:

New results dropshadowed.png

On the left are 19 insurance pre-qualified leads we generated for a recent client.

The results of a conversation with one of them are pictured on the right.**

How did we generate 19 insurance pre-qualified leads in just weeks?

We developed a proprietary system to generate exclusive leads for our clients.

  • We run Facebook ads to several psychographic groups, representing different levels-of-awareness about their addictions
  • We offer them something valuable in exchange for their email address
  • We follow up with email and retargeting
  • We offer a risk-free consultation to certain segments
  • We use dedicated landing pages and call-tracking to fine-tune the results

If we sent you 10 qualified, exclusive leads, how many could you admit?

Most of the centers we've worked with admit between one-and-two for every ten leads.

If it's so easy, how come every marketing agency doesn't do it?

There are a few agencies with proven results generating qualified treatment leads on social media. Admit Scout is the only such firm that specializes in Facebook.

But here's the truth about the vast majority of agencies:

Most agencies serving addiction treatment don't even see Facebook as a lead-generation channel. They think it's just for "branding".

In fact, some of the major marketing agencies serving the niche have reached out to us to hire us as subcontractors.


What most of the "other guys" do

What most of the "other guys" do

Facebook is Hard

You have to be good at marketing.

You have to understand what makes your prospective client tick, and offer him something that convinces him you're worth learning more about.

What we do

What we do

Then you have to track your results and follow up.

That's good for two reasons:

  • There's less competition, and what little competition there is is running absolutely garbage campaigns - trying to apply Adwords-era strategy to Facebook. (I've got a growing "swipe file" of screenshots, many of them hilarious.) What's more, Facebook isn't keyword-based, so there's less potential for "Big Dumb" players to bid up the costs.
  • The fraudsters stay away, because it's harder to dump in a bunch of budget and make a quick score.

But it also means you can waste months, and thousands, trying it yourself, or trusting an agency with only Adwords and SEO experience.

But what if you could try out the Social Ads Funnel, practically-risk free?

Here's how it works...

We'll set a "minimum performance threshold" that we all agree constitutes great performance.

If we don't exceed it in a predetermined period of time, there's no further commitment to work with us.

We wouldn't be offering this unless we were confident in the system.

But we can only offer this to a few centers at-a-time...

Because it's so time-intensive, and we'll personally by working on your campaign...

...and because many centers need admits...

We're not looking for short-term relationships - that's why we don't do wholesale work.

We want to work with a small handful of centers, for whom we continue to generate results for years.

Ready to learn more and see if you might be a fit? Just click below...