You might be thinking...

"How do I know if this is for us?"

If you're a treatment center who would like more consistent admits, we recommend seeing if you're a good fit. However, centers we've achieved the best results for generally fall within a certain range...

  • Many have an inpatient program that they'd like to see full on a more consistent basis.
  • Most earn at least $25,000 from an average treatment client. (At the cost per admit we're often able to achieve, that's one of the best returns-on-investment in all of internet marketing.)
  • Most are willing to commit to a starting ad budget of at least $5000/month, plus our management investment (which is somewhat individual to each center's needs, but we guarantee we won't take on a client unless we're 95% sure we can make them severalfold back what they're investing).

Our best clients want to grow, and realize the power of investing a quarter to earn a dollar.

If that sounds like you, click here to learn more and see if you're a fit.

"I get approached by 3-agencies-a-week promising great results. How are you guys different?"

This is one of the most common questions we get. The agencies serving your industry usually fall into one of three categories:

Lead brokers will sell you "calls", often at prices that seem "too good to be true". They often aggregate leads by ranking in Google for commonly-searched addiction treatment topics, then use (15-year-old) direct-response marketing methods to collect names, phone numbers, and email addresses, which they then sell to you, the treatment centers.

Here are 3 issues to beware of with lead-brokers:

  1. The leads are often generic, since they're aggregated from a national website for generic search-terms.
  2. The leads can be "stale", in contrast to someone who's just opted into your site, after searching something extremely specific to the services you provide.
  3. These brokers usually don't assume any responsibility for turning the leads into admits, since their obligation ends once you pay them and they deliver the list.

Everything-to-everyone marketing agencies may be specific to the treatment vertical, but they want to be your "one stop shop" - providing web design, SEO, social media marketing, and PPC all under one roof. Some are good (though far more expensive than we are), but from working with centers we find they have two primary frustrations with the "all-included" marketing shops:

  1. Sometimes, being good-at-everything means you're not great at anything. When it goes bad, we hear things like "I feel like I'm spending a ton of money, and I still don't know where my best clients are coming from".
  2. Even if some of what they're doing is working, you still have to pay for everything. Instead, why not just find the thing getting you the most clients and only pay for that?

Wholesale PPC agencies are often experts in Google Adwords. We know - we've hired team members from some of them.

  1. Some are excellent, but even the best have limited resources to communicate with your center and give you exactly what you need. Need a landing page? Well, you'll need to hire a developer and a copywriter for that. Need a dedicated account manager? Good luck getting somebody on the phone.
  2. Many don't have domain-specific experience with the treatment industry, which has different best-practices than even closely-related fields like medical and dental care.

Here's what we do:

  • Unlike the "catch-all" agencies, we only specialize in PPC. We'll only accept clients for whom PPC will be a game-changer for their center. Then, you're only investing in PPC, instead of a bunch of other services that aren't really moving the needle.
  • Unlike the lead-brokers, we get you admits, not just leads. That means we track the leads we send you all the way until they're admitted, so we can see which strategies are working, and which aren't. Then we double-down by shifting resources to the best campaigns and strategies.
  • Unlike the wholesale agencies, we provide high-level account management, and have direct-response copywriters in-house. Need a landing page for that campaign? We'll write it and design it, then hook it up to our call-tracking software.

"How much does it cost?"

We'll shoot straight - on the surface, we're not the cheapest in the industry.

But we like to say we get you the best "net-cost-per-admit".

That means, if we're a good fit and we accept you as a client, the amount you'll pay to acquire a client, including our management investment, is lower than you'll find anywhere else.


Our campaigns get you lower cost-per-click

Our tracking and optimization will get you higher conversions

But we also save you time and hassle.

How much would you spend per-month to hire an in-house team to manage and execute your web marketing?

What about if you needed web development?

What about if you needed copywriting?

We like to say our clients should be prepared to invest a minimum of $9-10,000 per month (including ad budget, paid directly to Google) to get in the neighborhood of 3 clients, each worth a minimum of $25,000.

"How do I know it works?"

Before we accept anyone as a client, we'll take a detailed look at your web strategy.

Then we'll come back with specifics:

  • Exactly why it's not working
  • What to do in order to fix it (including what we've seen work for other centers)
  • The market opportunity if you get it right

We find that this "teaching" strategy helps to convince treatment centers we know what we're talking about.

At the end of the strategy session, if you want to take the strategy and implement it yourself? Great!

Want to hire somebody else to do it for you? Also great!

Obviously, though, most of the centers who want somebody to implement the strategy for them will end up hiring us to do it.

Still want more proof? Check out a recent case study.

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